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Laptop/Desktop Leasing

While laptops and PCs are constantly evolving with new operating systems and innovations such as touchscreens and solid state hard drives, hybrid laptops and all-in-ones are becoming more and more popular. RRIT can provide schools with a variety of laptop and PC options. We can provide specs based on your needs, or we can work on specific requirements you already have in mind.
RRIT understands that budgets are tight and that buying new equipment is not always possible. That’s why we’re able to offer refurbished educational laptops and PCs that are cost-effective alternatives to providing schools with the educational tools they need. Many converted units have the option to upgrade their warranty so schools can have confidence in their purchase.

Laptop/Desktop Leasing for Schools

RRIT leasing for laptops, technology upgrades, servers, routers, and wireless networking is “all in” with our computer leasing for schools. Whether it’s a single computer lab filled with desktops, Apple Macs, or dozens of classrooms filled with Google Chrome Books for your entire neighborhood… desktops, laptops or network cables, printers, wireless routers, storage, and backup systems, furniture, and RRIT rental software for backup is by far the most cost-effective way. Do you know exactly what you want? Get a quick offer today!

How Leasing Laptops and Desktops Can Save Money for Schools

RRIT rentals are the perfect way for schools to rent laptops, technology upgrades, servers, routers and wireless networks. RRIT offers a special rental program for schools that want to take advantage of technological advances without exceeding budgets. Leasing of laptops and technology through RRIT funds is fully consistent with leasing of computers for schools. RRIT offers affordable monthly payments and flexible terms to suit your budget needs.

The Advantages of Leasing

You may be wondering why leasing is a better option than buying. Let’s take a look at some of the advantages:

  1. You can get the latest technology faster.
  2. Upgrades are included in the lease agreement.
  3. Maintenance and repairs are covered by the leasing company.
  4. You can always upgrade to the latest technology when it becomes available.
  5. Leasing is more cost-effective in the long run than buying.

What are the benefits of leasing for schools?

Laptop/Desktop leasing for schools is an affordable and flexible way to acquire new equipment for your school. Leasing has been around for a very long time and is a sensible way to acquire new assets. 

Acquiring new equipment for your school through leasing also means you can plan for upgrades much more easily giving you incredible flexibility by only paying for the usage and not the full cost of the asset. This helps you stay ahead and always allows you to have the best equipment for your school. 

Benefits of Leasing

RRIT has the perfect solution for you: laptop and technology leasing. This financing option is designed to help school districts afford the best technology for their students. Here are a few of the benefits of leasing:

You can get new equipment without breaking the bank.

Leasing allows you to budget for technology over time.

You don’t have to worry about selling or disposing of old equipment.

RRIT offers a variety of lease terms to meet your needs.

You can use our online tools to order and track your equipment.

Technology moves on quickly, and short-term leasing is the best way to ensure your school keeps up with the latest advances.

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