Maximize Your IT Hardware Investment Using Sustainable Computing Practices


By Jim Keister

Reused IT assets are essentially ‘gently used’ hardware, equipment and technology that has been cleaned, tested, repackaged, and in some cases had parts replaced, to restore it to a quality condition. There are several quality refurbished IT resellers available. Their standards of refurbishment are so high that in most cases, manufacturers will re-certify it. In short, IT refurbishment enables you to literally increase the yield and useful life of your company’s IT investment and improve overall IT asset manageability. Quality, 100% guarantees, and reputation, all at a fraction of the cost of purchasing new equipment.

For example, a company wanting to upgrade their used Cisco equipment might sell this equipment to a company specializing in refurbished servers, hardware and other IT equipment. This company cleans all of the parts, thoroughly tests the equipment to ensure it meets OEM guidelines of operation – some pieces may need to be replaced, the equipment is packaged in a static free dust bag, sealed, bar coded, and inventoried for resale.

Now this same company wants to upgrade their used Cisco equipment to keep up with their IT needs. As the company looks to upgrade, they discover this company has the refurbished server they need in inventory. Knowing it comes with a warranty and it’s from a reputable company, they purchase and implement the upgrade at up to 60% off the cost of a new server. Selling older equipment for cash, purchasing upgrades and doing it all for a fraction of the cost. This is what sustainable computing is all about.

Fulfillment of corporate social responsibility, combined with recognition of asset value and bottom line revenue is fueling reuse and refurbishment. Businesses are becoming savvier buyers as refurbished IT equipment continues to become a better fiscal option.

How to Avoid Forced Upgrades and Extend the Life of Your Existing Systems:
Every manufacturer will update their operating system or hardware at one point or another, often pushing upgrades long before the equipment has reached the end of its life, and in many cases long before you, the customer, are ready to migrate. In some instances, manufacturers can’t or won’t supply the required equipment in your existing infrastructure. For example, you may have six servers and require a seventh one, however, the manufacturer tells you it is only possible to get the latest version of that server with a new and different specification and a newer version of the operating system. This disrupts the homogeneity of your existing environment, forcing you to upgrade before you’re ready and costing you money.

Purchasing sustainable or refurbished IT hardware enables you to custom order quality refurbished equipment at price points that just aren’t available elsewhere, as well as sell (yes, sell for money) your outgoing existing equipment for profit.

FACT: On average, vendors/OEMs promote upgrades every three years.
FACT: Refurbished IT equipment delivers up to 60% savings on initial hardware investment.
FACT: Refurbished IT equipment is custom configured to individual specifications.
FACT: Refurbished IT equipment is fully cleaned, tested and shipped with next day availability and in most instances is eligible for vendor or third party maintenance.

How to Profit by Selling Your End of Life IT Equipment:
When IT equipment becomes redundant or reaches the end of its useful life, it still has commercial value. Rather than giving or throwing away valuable assets, profit from this unused equipment by selling it to reputable IT equipment refurbishment specialists. Refurbished IT providers will pay fair market value on excess or end of life hardware and equipment is purchased on an ‘as is’ basis.

This eliminates environmental disposal concerns about how IT equipment must be disposed of responsibly, and refurbished IT providers can take this headache away from you by giving you fair market value for your outgoing equipment – yes cash.

The current economy has most organizations scrutinizing their IT spend. Sustainable computing through reputable IT refurbishment dealers can provide cash for your company, necessary IT upgrades at a fraction of the cost of new, warranties, and an environmentally friendly means of disposing of unwanted hardware.

Jim Keister is the author of this article and an expert on refurbished servers and used Cisco equipment.

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