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Data Security & Hard Drive Shredding

The advancement of technology has led to a rush to replace outdated versions of cell phones, laptops, home computers, and other devices with newer, more sophisticated ones. Naturally, the old devices are tossed aside or even thrown away with the garbage.

Data can be tough to erase from a device altogether. As a result, hackers can still access your passwords and credit card numbers if data on drives are not properly destroyed.
RRIT-trained security experts can wipe any sensitive information from your computer, laptop, or cell phone when they are no longer functioning correctly.

DATA ASSESSMENT Worried about your data? Here at RRIT, we know that not everyone is comfortable with the idea

Of data deletion or destruction. That’s why we offer a comprehensive Data Assessment service to help you make the best decision for your business. By measuring particular features of your data, we can ensure that they meet defined standards for deletion or destruction. So if you’re unsure what to do with your data, let RRIT help you.

END USER DEVICE SANITISATION Maintaining data security is a key concern for businesses of all sizes.

RRIT offers a comprehensive solution for end-user device sanitization. Our data wiping and erasure services are tailored to ensure your data is destroyed. We understand the importance of protecting your business data. Let RRIT help you protect your organization’s information with our industry-leading end-user device sanitization services.

HARD DRIVE WIPING Protect your data with RRIT. What happens to your data when you get a new computer or retire

An old one? If you don’t want it falling into the wrong hands, it’s essential to have it erased. That’s where RRIT comes in. We offer hard drive sanitization and data erasure for businesses and individuals alike. Protect yourself from identity theft and other data-related crimes. Trust RRIT to keep your information safe.

HARD DRIVE DESTRUCTION Do you have old hard drives or SSDs lying around? Then, make sure to destroy them

With RRIT Drive Destruction. It’s the process of clearing all sensitive information from your computer hard drives and SSDs, and it’s an essential step for protecting your company and its customers. With RRIT Drive Destruction, you can rest assured that your data is safe and secure.

REPORTING After the data wiping of hard drives, we provide the reports of data erasure

And RRIT can meet the most stringent data security requirements with our data destruction solutions. In addition to detailed destruction certificates and detailed drive visuals, we provide our clients with simple and transparent reporting for IT Disposals.

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