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Devsecops is the solution to reduce expenses and improve the reliability of your deployments. Do you want to be able to deploy your scripts reliably and consistently? Do you need help reducing expenses? devsecops is here to help! Our platform provides ad-hoc deployments, parameters, and queries for RDBMSs. We also have ready-to-deploy versioned packages that make it easy to get up and running quickly. With devsecops, you can improve the reliability of your deployments while reducing expenses.

What is DevOps?

Devsecops is an approach to security that seeks to integrate security into the entire software development process. It’s a collaborative effort between developers, operations, and security professionals. The goal of devsecops is to create a more secure environment by identifying and mitigating vulnerabilities at an early stage. This can be done by integrating security into the software development process, automating security tasks, and creating a culture of security awareness. Devsecops is a great solution for organizations that want to improve the reliability of their deployments while reducing expenses.

Protect your data within your apps

Minimize security risks and give DevSecOps confidence with developer-friendly data protection solutions from RRIT. RRIT helps bring developers, security architects, and IT operations together, and ensures the reliability and integrity of software and containers on-premises, in the cloud, or in hybrid environments. as well as traditional or cloud-native software architectures. We do this by helping to implement security at every stage of the DevSecOps cycle.

Why is DevSecOps Important?

DevSecOps plays an important role in reducing the frequency of cyberattacks in today’s business environment. By implementing security initiatives early and often, applications in an array of industries achieve the following benefits.


Applications that manage sensitive government information are a constant target for malicious cyberattacks. By hardening these applications with a security-centric approach, the likelihood of attackers finding and exploiting vulnerabilities is greatly reduced.


DevSecOps is becoming the standard for healthcare application development. As organizations become HIPAA compliant, it becomes increasingly clear that a security-focused approach significantly reduces the disclosure or availability of patient personal data.


DevSecOps also assists development practitioners in the financial industry. Since finance is a prime target for cyberattacks today, software companies are using the DevSecOps model to limit the possibilities that cybercriminals can use with sensitive data.


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