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Infrastructure Audit

RRIT offers a comprehensive Infrastructure Audit service to identify and assess your organization’s IT infrastructure systematically. Our Infrastructure Audit is a three-party relationship that relies on subject matter experts, evidence, and established criteria to provide a technical evaluation of your system’s security, performance, and compliance posture. An infrastructure audit allows you to identify potential issues before they become critical, mitigating risk and protecting your business-critical systems.

What does an audit cover?

Are you looking to improve your business? Bring in our team to do an Infrastructure Audit. We’ll cover everything from cash handling to vendor billing to budget control. By the end, you’ll have a clear picture of what needs to be changed to improve your business. We’ll also provide recommendations on process improvements and customer service. Get started today and see the difference an Infrastructure Audit can make.

Benefits of a cyber security audit

Don’t wait until it’s too late. A cyber security audit from RRIT can help you identify gaps in your protection so you can fix them before it’s too late. Stay ahead of regulations and use our recommendations to improve your operations. With our help, you can ensure your data is protected.

Basic Security Audit

The primary safety audit is a one-day service offering a high-level security audit of your organization and IT infrastructure.

Governance and strategy

Data security

Risk management

Training and awareness

Legal, regulatory and contractual requirements

Policies and information security management system

Business continuity and incident management

Technical IT security controls

Physical security controls

Other Related Services

Make sure your network is safe and sound. Don’t let your business be vulnerable to attack. A network audit is a comprehensive way to collect data and identify any threats to your system. By compiling all this information, network administrators can better protect their networks from attack and safeguard company information. Complete your network security with our network auditing services.

Ensure your organizational systems are up to par with a System Audit from RRIT. We’ll evaluate your practices and procedures to ensure efficiency and performance. Our detailed reports will help you identify any areas of improvement, so you can make the necessary changes to keep your business running smoothly. Don’t wait; call us today to get started.

Know your software compliance status at all times. Conducting a software audit can seem daunting, but our expert team will make the process easy for you. Our comprehensive program will ensure that your business complies with all industry standards and regulations. Maintaining compliance is essential for any business – let RRIT take the worry out of your software audits.

Overall, four basis evaluation technologies power the software audit tools:

Protect your business with our Server Audit service. Is your company’s data safe? Our Server Audit will track and review all activities on your servers, creating a detailed report of all activities. RRIT can use this information to create and enforce policy, examine security threats and track any data loss. Keep your business safe from data theft and other security threats – contact us today for a Server Audit!

Keep your organization on track with Cloud Audit. Let our experts take a periodic examination of your cloud performance and compliance. With our internal audits, you can be sure that your data processing is up to regulatory standards. Get the most out of your cloud services with Cloud Audit.

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