ACT Government recycles $3 million worth of ICT goods


ACT Government recycles $3 million worth of ICT goods

Reuse-RecycleIT has recycled and resold about 100,000 pieces of ICT products since 2009, handing almost $3 million back.

Canberra-based Reuse-RecycleIT have recycled and resold more than 100,000 pieces of ACT Government IT equipment.

It will be presenting ACT Chief Minister, Andrew Barr, with a cheque of almost $3 million from the sale of repurposed goods, facilitated by Reuse-RecycleIT.

It takes ex-government equipment, erases all the data and then resells it to foreign aid agencies who then provide it to for use in developing countries.

Reuse-RecycleIT is part of the Canberra based business Capital Easy Group.

Barr said that in the past five years, 100 per cent of its excess and superseded ICT equipment has been saved from landfill, recognising the value of these assets with almost $3 million being returned back to government since 2009.

The ICT equipment includes computers and computer accessories such as printers and projectors. The equipment came from all areas of the ACT government including schools, hospitals, court systems and conventional office spaces.

Reuse-RecycleIT’s services include collecting out-of-life ICT equipment from government sites, brokering the best price for equipment and ensuring the products don’t end up in landfill.

Barr said the ACT government has a 90 per cent renewable energy target by 2020.

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