ACT Government saves all recycled ICT gear from landfill


ACT Government saves all recycled ICT gear from landfill

All of the ACT government’s excess and superseded ICT equipment since 2009 has been saved from landfill and sold, according to Chief Minister Andrew Barr.

Canberra-based company Reuse-RecycleIT has presented the government with a nearly $3 million cheque representing the proceeds of sales from replaced ACT government equipment over the period.

Reuse-RecycleIT takes ex-government equipment, wipes all data from it and resells it to foreign aid agencies to use in developing countries.

The company estimates that it has recycled or re-used more than 100,000 pieces of ACT government ICT gear, ranging from computers and accessories to printers and projectors, since entering into a deal to be the ACT government’s disposal broker in 2009.

The company takes in equipment from all areas of state government, including schools, hospitals, courts and department office spaces.

Reuse-RecycleIT is part of the Capital Easy Group, which is also based in Canberra. As part of its agreement, the company has pledged to endeavour that no ICT equipment is disposed of in a landfill.

The ACT government has made sustainability a key focus, with a target of having the territory run on 90% renewable energy by 2020.

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